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July 22, 01:37 pm

Diagnosis and prognosis for Maxim Dadashev will be in 48 hours

Maxim’s team announced that the diagnosis and prognosis would appear in 48 hours.

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July 21, 05:00 pm

Pacquiao vs Thurman statistics: more accuracy for Keith but more punches for Manny

Compubox provided statistics for the fight that shows its competitiveness.

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July 21, 10:45 am

Dillian Whyte outboxes Oscar Rivas and earns WBC Interim title

The big boxing event ended in London a few hours ago. It was headlined by the bout between local boxer Dillian Whyte and undefeated Columbian Oscar Rivas

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July 21, 09:42 am

Manny Pacquiao defeats Keith Thurman via split decision in a spectacular fight

The big boxing event ended in Las Vegas mere hours ago. The main fight was between legendary Filipino former champion in eight divisions Manny Pacquiao and WBA super champion Keith Thurman

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July 20, 11:56 pm

Egis Klimas: “Dadashev may get back to normal life”

The boxer’s manager Egis Klimas shared his positive thoughts on Maxim’s state. 

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July 20, 04:01 pm

Maxim Dadashev undergoes brain surgery

ESPN reporter Steve Kim visited the hospital and now says that Maxim had to undergo brain surgery to relieve a subdural hematoma. A part of his skull was removed during a two-hour surgery.

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July 20, 02:27 pm

Teofimo Lopez barely defeats Masayoshi Nakatani and becomes mandatory IBF title challenger

Fans expected an easy win for Teofimo Lopez but the fight was not so straightforward

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July 20, 11:21 am

Maxim Dadashev defeated by Subriel Matias and hospitalized in critical condition

Russian super lightweight boxer Maxim Dadashev was unable to leave the ring by himself after the winner announcement and he didn’t feel good on his way to the locker room.

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July 19, 08:45 pm

Tony Bellew: “How much has Pacquiao got left is the biggest question”

One of the most interested viewers is British Tony Bellew who retired last year. Commenting on the coming clash, Bellew said he thought the shape was the main factor.

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July 18, 10:01 pm

Boxers and MMA fighters predict Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman result

Many representatives of the MMA community have given their odds for the coming bout and Harcord team gathered the opinions of a few boxers and one MMA fighter about the result.

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