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July 20, 03:59 pm

Harcord users think Oleinik and Arlovski will win at UFC San Antonio

We at Harcord took a vote in our Instagram to know what our followers think about tonight’s event.

Максим Гагарин
July 20, 02:27 pm

Teofimo Lopez barely defeats Masayoshi Nakatani and becomes mandatory IBF title challenger

Fans expected an easy win for Teofimo Lopez but the fight was not so straightforward

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July 20, 11:21 am

Maxim Dadashev defeated by Subriel Matias and hospitalized in critical condition

Russian super lightweight boxer Maxim Dadashev was unable to leave the ring by himself after the winner announcement and he didn’t feel good on his way to the locker room.

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July 19, 11:59 pm

Kyle Stewart on his marine corps service and how he came to MMA

Harcord team contacted Kyle, former marine corps infantry machine gunner, to know more on why he dedicated most of his life to a military career. 

Максим Гагарин
July 19, 08:45 pm

Tony Bellew: “How much has Pacquiao got left is the biggest question”

One of the most interested viewers is British Tony Bellew who retired last year. Commenting on the coming clash, Bellew said he thought the shape was the main factor.

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July 19, 08:43 pm

UFC on ESPN 4 weigh-in results

The official weigh-in took place today and here you can see the results

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July 19, 05:19 pm

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s former opponent accused of sending offensive videos to underage girl

A few days ago, the information appeared that former UFC fighter Abel Trujilo has been in jail for more than a month. As reported, the fighter is accused of felony sexual exploitation of a child and criminal obscenity but the details were unknown. 

Максим Гагарин
July 19, 05:17 pm

Leon Edwards: “MMA saved me from being dead or in prison”

Top UFC welterweight fighter Leon Edwards who is about to headline the UFC on ESPN 4 in a fight against former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos this weekend, decided to share his memories. 

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July 19, 12:31 pm

Harcord ambassador Jon Jones turns 32 today

One of the greatest MMA fighters of our time, Harcord ambassador and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is celebrating his 32nd birthday today.

Максим Гагарин
July 19, 12:28 pm

Quinton Jackson is the main candidate for Fedor Emelianenko fight

It looks like Bellator is going to organize a really big event in Japan by the end of the year. And one of the key figures is Russian heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko 

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