Darren Till: “I was blind drunk when I called Romero out”

November 19, 06:45 pm
Максим Гагарин
Darren Till: “I was blind drunk when I called Romero out”

Photo by Getty Images

Liverpool-native Darren Till (18-2-1) joined top UFC middleweights when he defeated Kelvin Gastelum in his debut middleweight fight. At the post-fight press-conference Till said he wouldn’t like to face Yoel Romero (13-4) in the cage. 

However, a few days later Darren Till called the Cuban wrestler out in his Twitter. In his latest interview to MMAUK the fighter confessed that he did that for fun when he was heavily intoxicated. 

“I was blind drunk. Blind drunk,” Till says. “Yes, so my friend opened up a great bar in Liverpool, we got invited to the open and I was celebrating the win. I was with the guys and I said, I had a few beers and said watch this. So, I went onto google, I’ll get an image of Yoel, cause he is a scary dude, I said I’ll post that. He was like really bro? I said why not let’s start a little controversy. So, I tagged him let’s go and it just blew up.” 

“I remember the next morning I woke up and my girl sat on the couch, because I slept on the couch, and she was like you called Yoel out. So, I went onto google and got the monkey eyes and told my guy to add when you wake up and realize you called out Yoel. Everyone knows when I’m going on a tirade on Twitter it is because I’m having a drink. It is never normal. I’m having fun.” 

Despite the callout to Yoel Romero, Darren Till will probably have his next fight against former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker in London. They agreed to fight after a short dialogue in social media.