Denis Lebedev announces his retirement

July 11, 11:10 pm
Юрий Дорохов
Denis Lebedev announces his retirement

Today, after 18 years of professional boxing, famous Russian boxer Denis Lebedev (32-2, 1 NC, 23 KO) announced his retirement. Lebedev hung up his gloves at 39 years old.

Former WBA and IBF cruiserweight world champion announced his decision in his Instagram.

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Пришло время расставаться с большим спортом. Как настоящий мужчина, муж и отец я обязан сконцентрироваться на своей большой семье и постараться как можно больше уделить внимание своим самым родным людям. Но жизнь не стоит на месте и вместе с вами мы будем делать большие и малые добрые дела для своей страны, для нашей молодёжи. Ведь это тоже моя семья И у нас все получиться! С большой любовью к вам Денис Лебедев!

Публикация от Денис Лебедев (@denislebedev_official)

“Dear friends, I’m announcing my retirement and turning a new page of my life,” Lebedev says. “Thank you for being with me all these years, supporting me, cheering for me, and walking shoulder to shoulder with me. But it doesn’t mean that I stopped. A big and interesting life is waiting for me and I want to be useful to society and my country. This is why we live, changing the world for the better, bringing up our generation the right way.”

“No doubt, new worthy champions will come, and the Russian anthem should be heard at every world arena. Dear fans, hats off to you. I think I didn’t let you down. Friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I don’t say good bye. Sincerely yours, Denis Lebedev.”

Denis Lebedev started his career in 2001 and had 35 fights since then. “The White Swan’s” record is 32 wins, two losses and one no contest.

He earned WBA interim cruiserweight title in 2011 by defeating James Toney by unanimous decision and one year later he retained it by knocking out Santander Silgado. In 2016 he added the IBF belt to his collection by defeating Victor Emilio Ramirez. However, he lost his belts in December of the same year after losing the fight to Murat Gassiev. Last time he entered the ring last November and defeated Mike Wilson by unanimous decision.