Do you know Dave Bautista? Actor, wrestler, and MMA fighter

July 12, 04:40 pm
Максим Гагарин
Do you know Dave Bautista? Actor, wrestler, and MMA fighter

Yesterday, the “Stuber” movie starring Dave Bautista premiered in the cinemas all over the world. 

The plot follows the Uber driver that was (un)fortunate enough to receive an order by a cop on duty played by Bautista. As soon as he gets in the car, a series of crazy events starts happening, flavored with outstanding humor and action. 

You can remember Dave Bautista by his extremely funny act of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” or his acting in the “Escape Plan 2”. But not everyone knows that Bautista was a successful professional wrestler and even fewer know he also tried his hand in MMA.  

In his early years Bautista worked as a nightclub bouncer until he seriously injured two people in a fight and was sentenced to one year of probation. Then Dave switched to bodybuilding and then to pro wrestling where he built a rather successful career. The charismatic 280-pound Virginia-born quickly became crowd’s favorite and got into wrestler’s role that he had been sticking to for almost twenty years. By the end of 00s Bautista even became the WWE heavyweight champion.  

His acting career began soon after his WWE one which is no surprise as many successful wrestlers eventually follow the actor’s path (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena among the most popular). Bautista made his debut on a big screen in 2006 in the “Smallville” series where he played an antagonist Aldar. Then he was offered more and more prestige and even first roles. 

In 2012 Bautista wanted to try something new and chose mixed martial arts. The fighter had impressive physiques but he was already 43 back then. However, his age didn’t stop him. He faced Vince Lucero, the journeyman with the record of 22-23-1, at the CES MMA event. Despite the Artem Lobov-esque statistics, the opponent had an impressive experience behind his back with almost 50 fights.  

Despite the head start for Lucero, Bautista let him get tired and lose energy to try to finish the fight and then threw a takedown and finished the opponent with ground-and-pound. This fight was the first and only for Bautista; he thought better that to continue due to his age and because he already proved everything with his performance. Not everyone will go against a professional fighter at 43 years of age without an MMA experience. 

After that Bautista appeared in many high-grossing blockbusters. His breakthrough was “The Guardians of the Galaxy” of course. He played Drax the Destroyer and the audience loved the image so much that Bautista appeared in the sequel and then in two final parts of the “Avengers” series. He also shared the film set with Bruce Williams for the “Marauders” and with Ryan Gosling for the “Blade Runner 2049” cyberpunk thriller.