Gunnar Nelson thinks Thiago Alves “disappeared” after USADA

July 11, 01:38 pm
Юрий Дорохов
Gunnar Nelson thinks Thiago Alves “disappeared” after USADA

Icelandic welterweight fighter Gunnar Nelson (17-4-1) will be back in the Octagon for UFC in Copenhagen on September 28. He is about to fight the Octagon vet Thiago Alves (23-14) who’s been performing in the UFC for more than ten years.

Alves has been a top fighter for a while and stuck to the welterweight division even after his career started to fade away. But it looks like he completely got out of shape in the last few years. He won only two of his last seven fights. Nelson thinks the decline is linked to USADA coming to the UFC in 2015.

He kind of disappeared after USADA, I think,” Nelson says. “USADA has done a great job with the UFC. I’m really happy how things have gone. You see a big difference in a lot of fighters after they came in and obviously there are still guys doing something and they’re getting popped here and there, and some are probably getting away with it. At least it’s making them scared now. They can’t take as much or they can’t take the same things now, or whatever they’re doing. Whatever they’re doing, it’s having an effect and I love that.”

Gunnar Nelson had his last fight at the event in London on March 16 where he lost to Leon Edwards by split decision. Before that fight he defeated Alex Oliveira by submission (rear-naked choke). Thiago Alves lost his last fight to Italian Laureano Staropoli by unanimous decision at UFC 237.