Jon Jones guarantees there will be no third fight with Daniel Cormier

August 13, 01:27 pm
Максим Гагарин
Jon Jones guarantees there will be no third fight with Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier’s (22-1, 1 NC) comeback to the Octagon is getting closer. As are the talks about his potential third fight with Jon Jones (25-1, 1 NC). However, Jones brought all the talks to naught with one message. 

UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier headlines the main event of the UFC 241 that will take place this weekend. He’s set for the rematch with Stipe Miocic. Many fans and the UFC management expect that in case of winning Cormier may start negotiating the trilogy with Jon Jones. However, Jones is not going to move up to the heavyweight for Cormier and is sure Cormier will not descend to the light heavyweight. 

“I’ve been the light heavyweight champion for almost my entire MMA career,” Jones writes. “Never have I moved up to challenge a heavyweight champion. I’m simply not interested in it right now, never seriously have been. I feel like the move is inevitable but as of right now I’m dominating fights and making weight just fine. Daniel and I not reverie, but beef started at the light heavyweight division and that’s where it should end.” 

“Despite what he says to the media, I will guarantee you guys there will be no third fight,” Jones tweets. “No way will he lose that weight again, no way will he be willing to reface those nightmares that comes when facing the beast.” 

The first fight between the two happened in 2015. Back then, Jones won by unanimous decision. In the rematch it was Jones who was the challenger while Cormier held the belt but Jones defeated his rival again, this time even more confidently, knocking him out in the third round.