Ray Longo thinks Jon Jones couldn’t win at current judging system

February 14, 11:25 am
Mary Myers
Ray Longo thinks Jon Jones couldn’t win at current judging system

Photo: MMA Fighting

UFC 247’s main event between Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC) and Dominick Reyes (12-1) left no one indifferent. MMA community separated in two camps and it looks like famous trainer Ray Longo belongs to the one that supports Dominick Reyes.

The coach thinks that current scoring system should not have allowed Jones to even think about winning that fight.

“We score on a round-to-round basis. There is no question in my mind that one through three went to Reyes. Yes, Jones did great in the championship rounds but the rounds are already scored and the guy wins the fight. I think it’s an easy fight to score.

“First off is, great fight by Jon Jones. I really became a fan, he looked great in the fight. He was forcing, he did a great job of walking forward and eating those shots. But he unequivocally lost rounds one through three. And to his own admission, he thinks he won cause of the takedowns and there were no takedowns in one through three. So we know you won four and five but it’s a round-by-round basis. What do the championship rounds have to do with anything? Now to that, if it was a PRIDE fight Jon Jones unequivocally wins that fight cause they put a lot of emphasis on how you finish. We get it but when you’re scoring round-to-round, and we know that’s the way they score, how does Jones win that fight?” Longo said.

Jones vs. Reyes went all the distance of five rounds and the champion retained his belt by winning via unanimous decision.