Sergey Kovalev: “Waiting for marijuana to be legalized in Russia”

July 11, 11:24 pm
Юрий Дорохов
Sergey Kovalev: “Waiting for marijuana to be legalized in Russia”

Marijuana and all its derivatives are banned in Russia and all post-Soviet countries. The plant itself is in the list of banned substances and any interaction with it is punishable by law; and God forbid if some representative of sport community speaks about it in a good way.

The Western world has long overcome the barrier. Numerous researches showed almost complete absence of harmful side effects of marijuana as compared to alcohol or nicotine as well as revealed a huge range of medical applications of this substance. So, it’s no surprise that many sportsmen in the USA use cannabis in medical purposes and some of them – even in recreational.

WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev (33-3-1, 28 KO) has long been living in America and saw the benefits of cannabis with his own eyes. He has recently made a post in his Instagram in which he commented Mike Tyson’s video who is a huge cannabis advocate and even owns a marihuana farm.

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🇷🇺Побочный эффект марихуаны😂😂😂 Мишаня видимо с ней явно переборщил... Ведь у него всё-таки личная ферма по производству этой дурман-травы) Ждём легализации в России. Тогда точно меньше будет криминала и смертности. Ведь все проблемы от алкоголя, а в России, это пока единственный законный способ, чтобы расслабиться. Но к сожалению, в России пить не умеют по чуть-чуть 🤦🏼‍♂️

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“Cannabis side effect. Looks like Mike went too far with it, surely, he owns a farm of this dope-herb,” Kovalev writes. “Waiting for it to be legalized in Russia. Then there will be less criminal activity and mortality. Because the root of all problems is alcohol and this is still the only legal way of relaxation in Russia. But unfortunately, people can’t drink moderately in Russia.”

It’s no surprise that many Russian fans hastened to criticize Sergey and his opinion. Kovalev answered to one of them:

“I’ll feel safer walking by a group of stoners than by a drunk herd.”

Anyway, the number of sportsmen who openly use or even advocate marijuana usage increases year by year. The first example that comes to mind is the Diaz brothers. Nick and Nate smoke almost every day just for fun while most of the UFC fighters and world boxers switched from various medications (including anesthetics) to a cannabidiol-based medicine.