Source: UFC plans to make flyweight grand prix

October 17, 02:51 pm
Максим Гагарин
Source: UFC plans to make flyweight grand prix

Photo by UFC

Even though winning the championship belt in two UFC divisions allowed Henry Cejudo to save the flyweight class from being shut down, nothing really significant happened in the division since then, and the UFC management didn’t do much to improve its state. 

Reporter Nolan King states that the UFC not only plans to keep the division but intends to make grand prix that will define the new champion. Despite lack of official confirmation, the division representative Tim Elliott also confirmed he had heard the rumors. 

Demetrious Johnson was a long-time champion of the flyweight division but poor popularity among both fighters and fans made the UFC seriously think about closing it. It looks like it’s out of the question now but the promotion had to go to extremes to keep the flyweight division afloat.