Tyson Fury recalls involvement into doping scandal, disapproves UKAD

November 18, 04:55 pm
Максим Гагарин
Tyson Fury recalls involvement into doping scandal, disapproves UKAD

Photo by Getty Images

Top British heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (29-0, 20 KO) is currently recovering from the injury he had sustained in his last fight and speculating on his possible move to MMA. He has recently recalled a big doping-scandal involving him that broke out in 2015. 

Fury was extremely angry with the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) actions and thinks that he was quite able to turn the agency bankrupt if he had had more time to go to court. 

“From February 2015 to December 2017 a cloud of suspicion hung over me relating to an accusation that a high level of nandrolone had been found in my system and that of my cousin, Hughie Fury. I had to resolve this before I could truly believe I could fight again. I had been tested regularly by the drugs people at UKAD (UK Anti-Doping), probably more than most boxers, and when the case with them finally came to a conclusion they were able to list a series of tests that came back negative.” 

“The issue of the raised level of nandrolone came in a test in February 2016, but I wasn’t made aware of possible charges against me until long after that. The body naturally produces nandrolone but mine had a high level for some reason. I can categorically state, however, that I have never taken any performance-enhancing drugs and never will. The big question that did remain after the case was resolved was why it had taken UKAD so long to sort it out. Why did they leave me in limbo, allowing people to call me a drugs cheat, allowing me to be humiliated like that?" 

“But God was on my side and when God is on your side, who should you be afraid of? Nobody! When the case did come to a conclusion, the statement by UKAD made it clear that they could not establish why I had that raised level of nandrolone. The case cost over £1 million in lawyers’ fees and it was discussed in the press that if I had won the case – which I know I would have – then it could have left UKAD bankrupt. But that could easily have meant another three or four years battling in court. Anyway, the case was finally cleared up and I could seriously start thinking about fighting again,” Fury said. 

Tyson Fury’s last fight happened more than two months ago. In a fight against lesser-known Swede Otto Wallin the Brit got a serious cut that stayed open during most of the fight. Despite the injury, Tyson Fury managed to win by unanimous decision. After that the boxer made his pro wrestling debut and stated he would like to fight UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.