UFC pros give prediction to Anderson vs. Blachowicz

February 10, 07:46 pm
Mary Myers
UFC pros give prediction to Anderson vs. Blachowicz

The UFC train’s next stop is a small town Rio Rancho in New Mexico. This weekend it will host the UFC Fight Night 167 headlined by the main event between top light heavyweights Jan Blachowicz (25-8) and Corey Anderson (13-4).

Prior to the fight UFC pros gave their prediction for the outcome of the main event. See them below:

Leon Edwards (welterweight, UFC): “I watched Corey Anderson over the years, he’s improving his game. So, it’s a good fight.”

Alex Volkanovski (featherweight, UFC): “I’ll go with Corey Anderson. I’m always gonna say Corey Anderson.”

Stephen Thompson (welterweight, UFC): “I got Corey, man. This guy’s got a workout like no other. My buddy Carl Reed is a good buddy with Corey Anderson, they went to Newberry college together, wrestled together. And they did some training together as well. I know how Corey Anderson works. Anybody that he fights… I mean, the guy’s always evolving, he’s always getting better. And he’s on a good win over his last opponent, so it’s a confidence boost for anybody who fights that guy. So, I got my man Corey in this fight. I think he’s gonna win for sure.”

Casey Kenney (bantamweight, UFC): “I’m gonna go Corey Anderson. Jan’s last fight was kinda… I forget who he fought but I remember watching it and just… Jacare, yeah, that’s right. He didn’t do a whole lot. Neither one of them did pull-the-trigger type of thing, I get that. But I think Corey Anderson’s on a roar right now.”

Grant Dawson (featherweight, UFC): “Corey Anderson. He’s on fire right now. Corey’s just knocked out Johnnie Walker and I thought Jonnie was all hype. But I think that Corey’s on a streak right now and I think that he will actually get a title shot after Dominick.”

Juan Adams (heavyweight, UFC): “Corey Anderson, I see him winning that fight. Jan has got unbelievable power for sure but Corey Anderson’s last fight, I saw something new from him that I hasn’t seen before. And anytime I see that revolution in somebody or a change, he went out there with different mentality at that time. I don’t think Blachowicz can really comeback. Like I said, at that weight any punch, especially win Jan, he can knock you out. But I just think Corey Anderson is on a different level right now. See what he did to Johnnie Walker, nobody done that to Johnnie. So, no matter how confident you are right now, I think Corey Anderson is more confident.”