UFC veterans Ken Shamrock and Mark Coleman to fight at the first Valor Bare Knuckle

July 11, 01:33 pm
Юрий Дорохов
UFC veterans Ken Shamrock and Mark Coleman to fight at the first Valor Bare Knuckle

UFC Hall of Fame members Ken Shamrock (28-17-2) and Mark Coleman (16-10) come back from retirement to face each other in a fight, however not in an MMA fight. The Octagon vets will headline the first Valor Bare Knuckle event. Ken Shamsorck is not only the headliner of the event but the founder of the organization as well.

“I fell in love with bare knuckle in the first no-holds barred UFC promotion in 1993,” Shamrock says. “There is nothing like bare knuckle. You have to be much more accurate with your strikes, and you have to train with a specific strategy in mind. Bare knuckle has always been my favorite way to compete because it is simply fighter against fighter, no more and no less. There is something pure and uncomplicated about that.”

Valor Bare Knuckle’s first event will take place in New Town, North Dakota, on September 21. According to the official press-release, the events will be shown by TV, online platforms, and through PPV.

Even though there weren’t any announcements yet, UFC vet Mark Coleman made a loud statement in his Facebook.

“Ken and I are finally going to share the Ring! BKB . I will no longer have to answer if I fought The Great Ken Shamrock! Good luck my friend,” Coleman wrote.

It’s worth noting that Mark Coleman is 54 years old and Ken Shamrock is 55. Bare-knuckle fight between the two will probably not benefit their health and may be given a cold reception by the audience. Last time Shamrock fought at the Bellator 149 in 2016 against Royce Gracie and lost by a first-round TKO. He retired from MMA after three losses in a row. Mark Coleman ended his career in 2010 after the fight with Randy Couture at the UFC 109 that he lost by submission.