Separation, injuries, and lack of any guarantees: MMA fighters talk about main cons of being a fighter

10 Июля 22:33
Максим Гагарин
Separation, injuries, and lack of any guarantees: MMA fighters talk about main cons of being a fighter

Mixed martial arts are gaining momentum in quantum leaps all over the world and are almost all the rage now. Thousands of boys dream of becoming professional fighters, seeing only one side of the coin. As attractive as it can be, this “job” has its own disadvantages that the fighters have to cope with. 

Harcord team frequently interviews fighters all over the worlds and from all promotions. And we ask most of them the same question: What are the main pros and cons of being a professional fighter? In this article we gathered all the “cons” that the fighter’s career has to go hand in hand with. 

Alexey Makhno (lightweight, М-1, RCC)

“There are lots of pluses in our sport but there are minuses too, as in any other job. Due to constant training you have to deal with lots of injuries, head injuries in particular. Many fighters have families, children, but they have to spend most of their time in gyms. There’s almost no time for your own family, to say the least. Another negative moment is dieting and cutting weight which also takes its toll on the fighter’s body and health. Besides, the job is not stable, especially in the beginning, when you still don’t have any sponsors and people who could help you financially.” 

Olivier Aubin-Mercier (lightweight, UFC): 

“The main con of being a professional fighter is your health issues that build up with time. At that, not everyone gets decent fees. And of course the weight cut that challenges almost any fighter.” 

Chris Curtis (welterweight, PFL)

“You will spend a lot of time away from your family and it sucks. You'll miss birthdays, events and holidays. You will probably never have job security. You will hurt, at all times, FOREVER.”  

Satoshi Ishii (тяжеловес PFL)

“Constant health issues, parting with your family and the fact that you have no guarantees.”  

Philipe Lins (heavyweight champion, PFL): 

“The cons are, us fighters and high level athletes, we always have to abdicate many times to be with the family, going over injuries to be able to prepare for the competitions, the injuries that we are exposed.” 

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Benito Lopez (bantamweight, UFC)

“Main cons are having long-term brain damage, long term joint damage with all the wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. It’s a dog eat dog sport so someone’s always gotta win and someone’s always gotta lose and they are on the opposite of the scale of positive emotions and negative emotions. Another one is the pay isn’t up to par with boxing or other mainstream sports in the world.” 

Sam Alvey (middleweight, UFC)

“Everything hurts always. I’m on a diet most of my life. I have to sleep in a tent most of the year.” 

Ismail Naurdiev (welterweight, UFC)

“The main challenge for me is that I can’t eat everything I want. Also, constant injuries and weight cut.” 

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John Phillips (middleweight, UFC)

“There’s no easy fights in the UFC. You have to perform frequently to earn money. So, in other words, you always skint until you fight. Also, constant trainings are exhausting and you also have to follow diet which is not easy.” 

Andrea Lee (women’s flyweight, UFC)

“You have to sacrifice time with family for fight camps while during weight cut your body is banged up a lot.” 

Renato Moicano (featherweight, UFC): 

“I don't see any cons in this career, because being an athlete is all I ever wanted in my life. Now, I get to do this.” 

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Vadim Nemkov (light heavyweight, Bellator)

“Our sphere has lots of advantages but at least one disadvantage and that is being away from your family.” 

Yury Kashinsky (boxer): 

“I guess the main minus is injuries. Second disadvantage is separation with your family. Honestly, those are the only cons I see.” 

Livinha Souza (women’s strawweight, UFC)

“Hard routine. Hard life. A life for the fights.” 

Deiveson Figueiredo (flyweight, UFC)

“Being a fighter is very much suffering. I do not like dieting, it drives me crazy, not to mention the injuries that have been appearing.”  

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