Michael Bisping: “I don’t’ wanna talk about the sh** I used to do when I was a kid”

10 Июля 21:50
Юрий Дорохов
Michael Bisping: “I don’t’ wanna talk about the sh** I used to do when I was a kid”

UFC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place in Las Vegas last weekend. Among the new members of the honorary title are Diego Sanchez, Clay Guida, Rashad Evans, and Michael Bisping.

The latter one has never even thought he would be honored. Bisping came to UFC in 2006 and it took him 10 years of hard work to earn the UFC middleweight title and even have one defense. After the public ceremony Bisping shared his thoughts on another achievement in his career.

“No, I had no idea [that I would be in the Hall of Fame],” Bisping says. “I don’t sit around like theorizinf whether or not I’m gonna be in the Hall of Fame. I don’t think about those things. I let other people do that for me. But I’m truly grateful to be here and having this happened. I never thought it would happen. If you read my book “Quitters never win” which is coming up in July 23 I believe, you’ll hear that I had a very-very long journey here. I’m very-very grateful and thankful to everybody involved.”

Also, Michael Bisping recalled a couple of funny moments in his career, including his after-fight press-conference with Luke Rockhold after he knocked Luke out and earned the UFC title.

“Winning the fight was great but afterwards at the press-conference it felt good. I walked in. I knocked out this guy in the first round. I walked into the press-conference and I literally hear him saying in the microphone: “I’m gonna f**king kill this guy.” And I’m like ‘Whoa-whoa-whoa, hold on a minute. Do you remember what just happened five minutes ago?’ And then he was like: “I’ll fight you anytime, let’s go right now.” And I’m like “I think he mistakes nights and days, he just got knocked out.” But listen, I respect Luke. Luke’s a great guy. I wish him all the best.”

Besides, “the Count” shared his thoughts on the recent incident involving Darren Hill allegedly stealing a taxi car in Tenerife. Speaking about the incident, Michael brushed over his wild youth too.

“No big deal. He’s having a good time. Sounds like he had a bloody hell of a night. I can’t talk about this. Back in the day I was a nightmare. I’ve got some good times, I’ve got some fun times, I’ve got some crazy times. I’ve got some stuff that you wouldn’t believe happened to me. You wouldn’t believe, seriously. And I ain’t gonna go into it now because I’m trying to put that all behind me. I’m a father, I’m a respectable guy, I’m a commentator, I’m an author, I’m an actor, I’m wearing nice clothes. I’m not gonna talk about the sh** I used to do when I was a kid.”

Michael Bisping retired with 30 wins and 9 losses. He defeated such fighters as Dan Henderson, Luke Rockhold, Anderson Silva, Cung Le, and Yoshihiro Akiyama.