MMA - is one of the fastest growing martial arts, which claims to be the most popular sport in the world. The industry of MMA is constantly changing: coaches are looking for new methods of training in order to bring up the best fighters; organizations are trying to cooperate in order to improve the level and quality of fights, sports managers are finding talented athletes with serious background and leading them to the title fights.

HARCORD is an online resource, which contains the international base of fighters and organizations around the world with the possibility of bilateral cooperation. The aim of this resource is to solve the problem of quick selection of fighters to participate in tournaments by the promoters and search for suitable fights by the fighter. HARCORD brings together all participants of the MMA industry (organizations, fighters, coaches, managers), in the era of globalization, our company helps to improve the quality and speed of cooperation, to find the best and work with the best. You can learn more about how to interact and how to start using the portal in the user guide.

The main and revolutionary feature of HARCORD is the expansion of the boundaries of all industry participants:

  • Organizations can quickly and effectively select fighters for the upcoming tournament with the possibility to contact them directly on the website;
  • Fighters can make their own access to view all tournaments, now athletes can evaluate their own strength and apply for a fight directly;
  • Managers have the opportunity to easily find talented athletes and match fights for them;
  • Trainers can build a training plan and post it for everyone, keep personal diaries for their personal clients.

We hope that the combination of the best components of the MMA industry on the Internet and the introduction of information technologies will begin the creation of new, more perfect relations and will bring this sport to the next level.



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