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December 12, 12:11 am

The Bronze Bomber: Biography of Deontay Wilder

Who is Deontay Wilder and how did his path start?

Максим Гагарин
December 09, 10:58 pm

Nothing personal, just business: 5 big conflicts between MMA fighters and their managers

There’s much more going on behind the scenes of the fighting business than ordinary fans can imagine.

Максим Гагарин
December 06, 10:19 pm

Rules of life by Anthony Joshua

What drives the British heavyweight boxer and what he has to say about that.

Максим Гагарин
December 02, 11:45 pm

Who’s the online badass? Top 10 most popular MMA fighters in Instagram

Who's the most popular of them all?

Максим Гагарин
November 29, 10:09 pm

Rules of life by Colby Covington

Colby Covington is one of the most memorable UFC welterweights to date, famous not only for his fighting skills.

Максим Гагарин
November 25, 09:02 pm

Eagle hunting. Who is the greatest threat for Khabib Nurmagomedov?

No one is unstoppable. But who can dethrone UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Максим Гагарин
November 23, 02:23 pm

At your elbow: Top 10 knockouts with elbows in MMA history

Top ten most brutal and spectacular knockouts with elbows by HARCORD.

Максим Гагарин
November 10, 09:47 pm

PRIDE vs UFC: Main bouts in history

We present you 13 main fights between the best representatives of PRIDE and UFC to find out what promotion was the strongest. 

Максим Гагарин
November 10, 09:21 pm

From Golovkin to Tyson: Top 10 most popular boxers in Instagram

In this article we’d like to look at the Instagram accounts of current and former boxers to know who are most popular of them all.

Максим Гагарин
October 31, 08:56 pm

King Artur: Biography of Russian rising star in boxing Artur Beterbiev

Artur Beterbiev was born on January 21, 1985, in Khasavyurt, Dagestan, and sport was a part of his life since early years.

Максим Гагарин

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Francis Ngannou may leave UFC

December 11, 05:55 pm