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June 26, 11:40 pm

Shelly Finkel confirms Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz rematch next

Wilder’s manager Shelly Finkel hastened to assure everyone the fight between his client and Luis Ortiz would happen, as it was promised, and only after that the fans may hope for Tyson Fury rematch.

Максим Гагарин
June 20, 01:12 pm

Eddie Hearn: Joshua vs. Ruiz rematch will be between November 16 and December 14

Responding to the progress in the situation, Hearn said the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz will take place between November 16 and December 14

Максим Гагарин
June 19, 07:53 pm

Errol Spence and Shawn Porter may have a unification bout in fall

According to The Athletes, the unification bout between IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence and WBC champion Shawn Porter will happen.

Максим Гагарин
June 18, 11:35 am

Deontay Wilder reacts to Tyson Fury’s win

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder commented on a recent knockout victory of Tyson Fury.

Юрий Дорохов
June 16, 08:13 pm

Boxers react to an easy win of Tyson Fury over Tom Schwarz

Below, you can read what pros of the boxing world, including Dillian Whyte and Dave Allen think about that victory

Максим Гагарин
June 16, 02:04 pm

Tyson Fury destroyed Tom Schwarz in the second round

Another big boxing event ended in Las Vegas last night. The headline of the event was the heavyweight fight between British star Tyson Fury and a less-known German boxer Tom Schwarz

Максим Гагарин
June 15, 02:59 pm

Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia agreed to fight

Former world champion in four weight divisions Mikey Garcia and former champion in two weight divisions Danny Garcia agreed on their next fight.

Максим Гагарин
June 14, 03:47 pm

Conor McGregor called Tyson Fury the greatest heavyweight boxer of our era

Former UFC champion in two weight divisions Conor McGregor gave full marks to the former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

Максим Гагарин
June 07, 04:46 pm

Tyson Fury comes first in the Ring heavyweight ranking

Deafening upset in the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz fight that happened last weekend seriously messed things up for the heavyweight division and was the reason for changing official rankings of many magazines

Максим Гагарин
June 07, 10:13 am

Anthony Joshua denied rumors about panic attacks before Andy Ruiz fight

British heavyweight star Anthony Joshua denies all such guesses and says he felt awesome before the fight. The Brit accepts the loss as a man and is ready to move on.

Максим Гагарин

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