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October 14, 04:14 pm

Nieky Holzken and Regian Eersel to have rematch at end of October

ONE Championship announced a big rematch between two kickboxing stars Nieky Holzken and Regian Eersel.

Юрий Дорохов
October 13, 10:56 am

Glory 69 results: Grigorian vs. Beztati

Major kickboxing event Glory 69 took place in Dusseldorf, Germany just a few moments ago.

Юрий Дорохов
October 12, 12:08 am

Yodsanklai Fairtex turns down idea of third fight with Samy Sana

Famous Muay Thai fighter from Thailand Yodsanklai Fairtex plans to have his next fight in China on November 16.

Максим Гагарин
September 29, 02:49 pm

Glory 68: Pereira vs. Abena results

GLORY Kickboxing 68 took place in Miami, Florida, last night, headlined by the light heavyweight title fight. 

Максим Гагарин
September 25, 09:47 pm

Dutch kickboxer Ilias Bulaid to debut in MMA September 27

24-year-old Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer Ilias Bulaid will have his professional debut in MMA at the Bellator 227 that will take place on September 27. 

Максим Гагарин
August 16, 03:28 pm

Two interesting fights add to Glory Miami fight card

Glory Kickboxing will host a tournament in Miami on September 28 and today two fights were added to its card. 

Максим Гагарин
August 13, 04:02 pm

ONE Flyweight Kickboxing Champion Petchdam Petchyindee Academy feels pressured prior to his first title defense

The 21-year-old fighter thinks the support from the fans’ side is a significant factor, so he’s asking all kickboxing fans from Thailand to come and cheer for him the way they did in his previous fight. 

Максим Гагарин
August 07, 06:35 pm

Fight Night Saint Tropez 7 takes place in 2020

The Fight Night Saint Tropez kickboxing promotion organized its debut tournament in 2013. It has been taken place every year since then and many world-known kickboxing stars participated in it.

Максим Гагарин
July 11, 12:09 pm

Rico Verhoeven will rematch Badr Hari in December

GLORY Kickboxing heavyweight title will be on the line on December 21, when two hard hitters meet in the ring again.

Юрий Дорохов
July 06, 04:56 pm

GLORY 67: Petchpanomrung vs. Boynazarov results

GLORY kickboxing event took place Friday night in Orlando, Florida, with the title fight being held in the featherweight division. Champion Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao defended his GLORY title against Anvar Boynazarov.

Максим Гагарин

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