Benito Lopez: “Urijah’s comeback has sparked a lot of energy. He is our general”

June 19, 02:28 pm
Максим Гагарин
Benito Lopez: “Urijah’s comeback has sparked a lot of energy. He is our general”

In less than a month prospect from the “Team Alpha Male” Benito Lopez (9-1) will return to the Octagon in the bantamweight division. He will have an opportunity to close his only loss in a fight against Martin Day. 

Harcord team contacted the prospective fighter who told us about his training, what he felt after his first loss, reasons for a long idling, Urijah Faber’s return and other topics. 

On his training for Day: 

“My training has been going great leading up to my fight with Martin Day! For this fight camp I have refocused on my full overall MMA game. I feel the past few years I’ve been focusing on my striking and takedown defense trying to be as exciting as possible, so much that I’ve slept on and almost forgot about my wrestling and Jiu Jitsu and I feel it’s going to pay off big time in the long run.” 

On his first loss and aces in his sleeves: 

“I did lose my last fight, my first loss in all of my 17 MMA fights pro/Ammy. It was a tough pill to swallow but I feel it was necessary for me to see the bigger picture and like I stated before get back to my full all-around MMA game. I am a mixed martial artist not a kickboxer.” 

“I do feel really comfortable in all aspects of MMA but with that being said, I feel my striking is the highest level when it comes to my full MMA game.” 

On why he didn’t fight in 2018: 

“Didn’t fight last year because I fractured my ankle training for Ricky Simon. I would like to fight Ricky Simon eventually, we have unfinished business and I feel he’s overrated.” 

On Urijah Faber’s return: 

“Urijah making his comeback has sparked a lot of energy and he really is our general so preparing alongside him for a UFC Sacramento card is still surreal to me. I grew up on Urijah’s fights and have always looked up to him and always will.” 

On the happiest moment in his career: 

“I would have to say the happiest moment of my career was my first amateur fight. I won 23 seconds in via headkick and the energy and butterfly’s I got were so surreal there is nothing like your first MMA fight!” 

“Besides, that winning my UFC contract fighting in front of Dana and my family on contender series. That was such a great surreal experience being chosen because there were two first round finishes and I had won a split decision; to be honest I didn’t think I was getting the contract.” 

Benito Lopez vs. Martin Day will take place at the UFC Fight Night 155 on July 13 with Urijah Faber vs. Ricky Simon as a headline.