Dana White extends his contract with UFC for 10 years

June 17, 12:36 pm
Юрий Дорохов
Dana White extends his contract with UFC for 10 years

Can’t imagine UFC without its irreplaceable president Dana White? Well, no need. For 10 more years. White decided to extend his contract with the promotion.

White himself told about it during the Guerilla Cross Radio broadcast. Besides, White said he was interested in other sports too. As it turned out, the UFC president is seriously negotiating Premiere Boxing Champions for a possible cooperation with his Zuffa Boxing brand. But boxing is not the only source of interest for White for he also mentioned NFL in his interview.

TMZ just got Lorenzo [Fertitta] the other day in New York, and Lorenzo confirmed that they are looking at NFL teams,” White says. “I heard the Panthers, that the Broncos were available, that the Chargers might be up for sale. We’ll have to see how this plays out but yeah, if they buy a team, I’m in. I will partner up with them.”

“I would love to be back in business with them and do something. Obviously, I’m very busy and very focused over here. Financially, I’d jump in with those guys. I just signed a new 10-year deal with the UFC, so in ten years, I can do something with them every day.”

Dana White has been the UFC president since 2001 when he and the Fertitta brothers bought Bob Meyrowitz’s organization. In 2016 they sold most of their assets to the WME-IMG but Dana White kept both his president position and 9% of shares.