Exclusive Andrea Lee interview: nickname, current status of women’s MMA, hardest fight and much more

June 14, 05:08 pm
Максим Гагарин
Exclusive Andrea Lee interview: nickname, current status of women’s MMA, hardest fight and much more

Next week former LFA flyweight champion and no.10 of the official UFC ranking Andrea Lee (10-2) with a rather unusual nickname KGB is going to have her third UFC fight against Montana De La Rosa (6-4) who stands on the 11th position. 

Harcord team contacted the prospective athlete ahead of the fight to know more about her career, her next fight, her unusual nickname, her plans for the future and her thoughts on the current status of women’s fighting. 

On how her MMA career started: 

“I started my career at the age of 20 and had my first boxing match at 21. I started training full force and never slowed down. I also had close to 50 amateur fights with all my boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing and MMA fights combined and not including all my grappling tournaments.” 

On her training for the next fight: 

“Training has been wonderful, it’s been a very smooth camp for me and I’m focusing on what I’m great at, which is everything.” 

On her opponent’s strengths: 

“I think her wrestling and grappling are her strongest attributes and I believe I can use my wrestling to negate a lot of her takedowns and keep it standing, but do I wanna keep it standing... maybe and maybe not, I am pretty savvy on the ground myself and I’m very confident in any given situation.” 

On her nickname: 

“[KGB is for] “Kicking Girls Butts” or because some thought I looked Russian.” 

On her plans for the future: 

“I just want to face them as they come, a title shot is ultimately my goal, but I’m enjoying the journey and sharpening my skills.” 

On the current status of women’s MMA: 

“I think we all are as female fighters [on a special mission to help develop mixed martial arts among women all over the world], it’s growing fast for women and it’s accepted more and more each day. It wasn’t necessarily my goal when I started, I just wanted to do this because I loved it, not because I was trying to prove a point for women’s equality in a mans world, but I’m glad I can be a part of that along the way.” 

On her hardest fight in her career and a perfect women’s formula: 

“Hard to say really, but my fight with Liz Tracy in Invicta was pretty tough, it was just grinding the whole time.” 

“I think it’s great strikers with the ability to have great wrestling and takedown defense [who’s going to dominate women’s MMA]. 

On her pre-fight rituals: 

“I nap before usually, focus on my breathing a lot.” 

Andrea Lee vs. Montana De La Rosa fight will take place at the UFC Fight Night 154 in Greenville, South Carolina, on June 22. In the UFC Lee has two wins over Veronica Macedo and Ashlee Evans-Smith.