Livia Renata Souza wants to fight Claudia Gadelha

June 15, 09:25 am
Максим Гагарин
Livia Renata Souza wants to fight Claudia Gadelha

In a month, prospective UFC strawweight fighter Livia Renata Souza (13-1) will have her third UFC fight against #10 of the official UFC ranking Cynthia Calvillo (8-1). 

Ahead of the fight Harcord team contacted the prospective fighter who shared her thoughts on her training for the fight and whom she’d like to fight next. 

“I’m having a great training camp and focused in all areas of the fight. I think when I’m prepared, I don’t care about her skills.” 

“I have a dream to fight with Gadelha because I think she is the best and in UFC you don’t have easy fights.” 

Even though Livia has never trained in the top gyms, she is highly skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We wanted to know more about her secret to success in this sphere: 

“Great gyms sound good but I never need to go out of my country to make great camps or sessions. My coaches Vinicius Maximo and his teachers are living legends types Ramon Lemos, Pedro Rizzo with a great history and because of that I don’t need to visit other gyms.” 

Livia Souza vs. Cynthia Calvillo fight will take place at the UFC Fight Night 155 on July 13. In UFC Souza defeated such opponents as Alex Chambers and Sarah Frota.