McGregor to Khabib's team: The war is not over

October 08, 11:27 pm
Ruslan Babayev
McGregor to Khabib's team: The war is not over

Talking on the phone with Ariel Helwani during the weekly MMA Hour podcast, Conor McGregor (21-4-0) left an angry message to Khabib Nurmagomedov's team. Yesterday, the fighters met in the main event of UFC 229. The Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov (27-0-0) won in a dominant style, but the main action took place after the fight.

Conor, of course, hopes to get a revenge, but no less the Irishman wants to deal with every member of the Khabib's team who participated in the brawl. However, as you can guess, we are not talking about fighting under MMA rules.

"Just f'''ck them all. Each of them will get what they deserve, I guarantee you. Believe me. Let them walk and turn around. Watch every step, every action, every word that was said. This isn't going to end in a fight. It's just getting started. The war is just beginning."

In the meantime, the "Eagle" will have to wait for the decision of the athletic commission. If Nurmagomedov does not receive a long disqualification, UFC President Dana White will be ready to discuss the possibility of a rematch.