Nick Diaz: I would beat Khabib's ass

October 09, 04:11 pm
Ruslan Babayev
Nick Diaz: I would beat Khabib's ass

Former Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz gave his comments on the victory of Khabib Nurmagomedov over Conor McGregor.

“I don’t think that Conor was like himself in this fight.” - said Nick in an interview with UFC on Fox. - "For the first time, I watched his fight live. Yes, I don't think he looked one hundred percent ready in this fight. I wanted him to win because I tired of seeing the fighting style of Nurmagomedov. For me, this is a dirty fighting style.”

“I or my brother could defeat Nurmagomedov because you must have a certain style to defeat such a fighter in the ground. McGregor acts as a newcomer on the ground. I think my brother can beat him, I definitely think I can beat him, but It would be hard for me to drop down to the lightweight division."

Diaz hasn't fought since 2015 and all fans are waiting for his return.