Philipe Lins: “Waking up world champion and with 1 million in the bill was incredible” 

June 11, 05:19 pm
Максим Гагарин
Philipe Lins: “Waking up world champion and with 1 million in the bill was incredible” 

Top Brazilian heavyweight fighter Philipe “Monstro” Lins (14-3) secured victory in the PFL first season and became not only the champ but the proud owner of $1M in prize. The fighter was supposed to face Japanese heavyweight Satoshi Ishii but, as it usually is, an injury got in the way. 

While recovering from the injury, Lins agree to talk to the Harcord team and share his thoughts on winning the competition, switching to the heavyweight division, his nickname, and future plans. 

On championship belt and one million dollars in prize money: 

“Waking up world champion and with 1 million in the bill was incredible, it was great to have my family together watching the first time a fight of mine, it was a realized dream of many years of work.” 

On switching to heavy: 

“This is an interesting story, I had been fighting LHW practically all my fights outside my first fights that were also in the HW. I struggled in the Bellator to lose two fights in a row and I was fired and I continued training and believing my time would come. It is practically 1 year later the PFL was going to start all the fights were closed already. Mike Kyle was injured and I got into his position.” 

“I never got much weight in the LHW, I was always a lighter guy, and I had to climb a little weight to fight in the heavy and then I was very good to eat well, I think I adapted well in the category.” 

On his nickname: 

“This nickname came from the master Jair Lourenco, who always said 'you're a monster' in training, so I ended up taking it.” 

On his plans for the future: 

“I feel that I am at the right moment of my career. I feel ready to face great fights, great challenges. I still do not think much about [retiring], but I want to fight some years still, I'm in the best moment of my career.” 

On the best heavyweights of our time: 

“My top 5 is Daniel Cormier, Junior Cigano, Stipe Miocic, Francis Ngannou, Alistair Overeem.” 

The Philipe Lins vs. Satoshi Ishii fight was supposed to take place at the PFL 14 on July 6. Lins had four fights within the promotion, winning each and every one of them, and with three finishes.