Sergio Moraes wills to fight Demian Maia

October 01, 01:22 pm
Ruslan Babayev
Sergio Moraes wills to fight Demian Maia

3x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion among the black belts Sergio Moraés (14-3-1) won a victory over Ben Sauders (22-10-2) at the UFC Sao Paulo tournament, which took place on September 23. Moraes defeated Saunders in the second round. Ben tasted the first ever submission defeat in his entire 34 fights. Now Moraes's welterweight record is 8-1-1 and he is ready to test his Jiu-Jitsu skills in battle with another black belt Demian Maia (25-9-0) to find out which of them is the best BBJ specialist in the welterweight division of UFC:

"We are from different eras, we have never met in battle, but who knows? The UFC has already brought together two fighters from different eras on the TUF show on which I and Delson Heleno faced each other, and I won, so who knows, maybe I'll have a chance to fight Demian. It's an honor for me to fight him." - says Moraes.

"If the UFC will give us a fight, I'll go to São Paulo, train with Fabio Gurgel, so we can have a terrific grappling fight. There will be an interesting fight. I really respect Demian, if the UFC says that it's time for our fight, I'm ready, and I hope that Demian is also"

Moraes goes on a series of two straight victories over Ben Saunders and Tim Means. Before that, he lost to Kamaru Usman by knockout in the first round. On the account of Sergio Moraes, 8 wins with submissions - more than half of his total number of battles won. Demian Maia lost the last three fights by a unanimous decision. He lost to Tyrone Woodley, Colby Covington, and Kamaru Usman.