Tyson Fury destroyed Tom Schwarz in the second round

June 16, 02:04 pm
Максим Гагарин
Tyson Fury destroyed Tom Schwarz in the second round

Another big boxing event ended in Las Vegas last night. The headline of the event was the heavyweight fight between British star Tyson Fury (28-0-1, 20 KO) and a less-known German boxer Tom Schwarz (24-1, 16 KO). 

The bout started slow. Schwarz took the center of the ring and began pushing on Fury who used his jabs and circled around the opponent, showering him with distant strikes. In the second round Tyson apparently realized the opponent was no trouble to him and, lowering his hands, went forward openly, added heavy blows, and at the end turned the German’s face into a bloody mess; after that he knocked him down. 

Schwarz managed to get up before referee stopped counting but he was obviously shocked, and Fury had little difficulty pressing him to the ropes and hitting him with blows Schwarz couldn’t respond to. It forced referee to stop the fight. 

Tyson Fury won by a second-round TKO.