Justin Gaethje aims to face Tony Ferguson or Conor McGregor

15 Апреля 16:14
Ruslan Babayev
Justin Gaethje aims to face Tony Ferguson or Conor McGregor

The triumphant of the recent ‘UFC on ESPN 2’ tournament, Justin Gaethje (20-2), whose victory over Edson Barboza seriously increased the value of his dividends at lightweight, expressed the hope that in the near future he would be allowed to fight an opponent, a victory over whom would lead him to a title fight.

The fighter believes that Tony Ferguson or Conor McGregor could assume such a function, but he is not quite sure when fights with these athletes can take place. “The Highlight” attended last weekend’s UFC 236 tournament where he spoke to reporters and told about his plans.

“I believe the winner of tonight, deservedly so, gets a shot at Khabib, and I want to put myself in position to fight the winner of that fight. I think Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor do that for me.” - Justin told reporters.

“Who fu*k knows what’s happening with Conor [McGregor]? But they either take him out of the rankings if he’s retired, or they keep him in the rankings and he has to fight somebody. If that’s me, cool. If that’s not me, cool, but there has to be some type of structure to what’s going on here. We can’t just keep floating around.

“I want to know what my path is, and you can’t do that by saying I’m retired and being in the rankings and being ranked ahead of me. If you’re ranked ahead of me, you’re fighting for the title. He doesn’t deserve a title shot right now, so, therefore, it’s me or it's Tony, and he has to pick one of us to fight.”

Recall that the fight between Justin Gaethje and Edson Barboza took place on March 30th in Philadelphia and ended in the first round. Justin landed a big left hook and knocked out cold his opponent. Now, “The Highlight” leads two-one-punch knockout victories in a row. The previous ‘victim’ before Edson Barboza was James Vick.