Roxanne Modafferi: "I have to finish the fight vs. Antonina Shevchenko and not let it go to a decision"

18 Апреля 15:53
Ruslan Babayev
Roxanne Modafferi: "I have to finish the fight vs. Antonina Shevchenko and not let it go to a decision"

A few days left before the second UFC tournament in Russia, which will take place this weekend in Saint Petersburg. A bout between Antonina Shevchenko and Roxanne Modafferi as part of this event will be the first women’s fight in the UFC Russia history.

On the eve of the tournament, the editorial staff of the Harcord project talked with the American athlete and asked her about general physical/mental state, and also Roxanne gladly shared her thoughts on Antonina as an opponent:

“I feel great! My technique training has been really fun and interesting because of Antonina’s style and the fact that she’s a southpaw. I know she’s a dangerous opponent, and I respect her very much. I know I have the skills to win. I’m in great physical condition, and ready to fight. I hope she feels good, too. I want to face the best Antonina and have an exciting fight,” - Roxanne told Harcord.

Modafferi shared her emotions about visiting Russia for the first time and promised to arrange a show during tomorrow’s official ceremonial weigh-in procedure:

“I’m so excited to visit Russia. I’ve never been there, but I’m looking forward to fighting in beautiful St. Petersburg in front of the Russian crowd. I’m not excited the trip is 20 hours, though. Yes, my hair should change color at the weigh-ins to show my increased power level,” - she continued.

Roxanne is completely confident in her abilities. The girl calls everyone to observe this confrontation with great interest and promises to surprise with an unexpected outcome:

“I think if I can take her down and get on top, my chance of winning is high. However, although my striking style is not smooth and looks a little weird, my punches are accurate. In the past, I have knocked down strong strikers. What if I win by knock out? Wait and see! Maybe we will all be surprised. I’m training game plans, but I try not to get stuck in my game plan if it doesn’t work. I have an internal toolbox of techniques with lots of tools I can use in the fight,”

The athlete feels some pressure because she actually has to fight in enemy territory, where the overwhelming majority of fans will support her opponent:

“Actually, I do feel the pressure that I have to finish the fight and not let it go to a decision.” - Roxanne concluded.

The 36-year-old American athlete made her UFC debut in 2017 and has since held three fights there, winning only one of them, so the fight with Antonina Shevchenko can seriously affect her future in the organization.