[VIDEO] Conor McGregor crashes the phone of his fan Ahmed Abdirizak

15 Марта 09:23
Ruslan Babayev
[VIDEO] Conor McGregor crashes the phone of his fan Ahmed Abdirizak

This week, former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor has once again become a key figure in the scandalous situation and the main personality of the news headlines.

Earlier this week in Miami, the fighter took away a mobile phone from his fan who wanted to take a picture with him. The Irishman not only took the phone but smashed it to pieces, trampling it with his feet, then picked up the phone from the floor and left with it, leaving his fan Ahmed Abdirizak without a selfie and without a phone.

Recently, ‘TMZ Sports’ published a video from the scene of the incident, which captures the very moment when Conor crashes the victim’s phone. Two characteristic sounds with which the fighter steps on the phone are heard, after which you can see how he picks the phone up from the floor, while the fan tries to return his property, but the guard of the fighter does not allow him to do so.

Recall that the victim, a British citizen Ahmed Abdirizak did not leave this case incomplete and called the police. On the same day, Conor McGregor was arrested, and the next day he was released on bail of $ 12,500. The fighter is charged with hooliganism and robbery with the use of physical force.